Burn to shine

Then, the clock was creeping,all around were lips, blaming.Ants were eating sleeping n’ dancing.Building night to day, she was annoyed to sleep.She couldn’t smile those days.In heart , a burning candle melted her emotions.No smiles, laughs, night outs, parties….And the day came..Heart made inside out, candles were bloomed,all around with praising lips, every clock wasContinue reading “Burn to shine”

Blessingly poor

Being poor is a blessing,poverty is a blessing.Then, you will see the pretending – relatives, wandering from you.Then, you will see parties with out you.Then ,you will see eyes never giving a look.Do you know how it becomes a never wear non having clothing for the never wear a non having smile forContinue reading “Blessingly poor”

Let’s be positive

Heel the soul Get engaged always Know you Use your time Hi, friends , how many of you are undergoing a bad mood ,or, having a less positive attitude? Are you tired from your past experiences? Is negativity coming to intrude your best decisions? Are you wishing a refreshed life? I am recommending you toContinue reading “Let’s be positive”

Truthful quote

Today I am doing my first blog.I need to discuss you my favourite and evergreen quote .I am sure it can help everyone to be in a very positive way and make the mind more free. “Say a good word or be silent”- Muhammed It is the most important think everyone need to concentrate. TheContinue reading “Truthful quote”

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