How to complete the study syllabus in 20 days

Hey there,
Many students and parents are confused about how to complete the study syllabus early as possible. Lockdown may changed students from the continuous learning with full concentration. Many of us are deviated from the world of academics.
I know you all need to go back to thr right path and achieve your dream through learning.
Here we are discussing how to complete the study syllabus with in 20 days❗❗.


  1. Divide your syllabus
  2. Count number of topics
  3. Make a time table
  4. Take all your weakness as a reward

1.Divide your syllabus

The first thing you need to do is divide your syllabus in to subjects

As I am pursuing post graduation , in my syllabus I have 4 subjects

  1. Quantum mechanics
  2. Mathematical physics
  3. Computational physics
  4. Statistical mechanics

Similarly find out the number of subjects you need to study

I have 4 subjects.So to complete my syllabus I can give 5 days duration each one.

It doen’t matter.

After finding number of subjects your first step is completed

2.Count number of topics

Counting number of topics contained in each subject is your next step

I will show an example with my syllabus:

  1. Quantum mechanics – 120 topics
  2. Mathematical physics – 48 topics
  3. Computational physics – 72 topics
  4. Statistical mechanics – 68 topics

Then, roundoff it to 120,50,70,70

Now we can add it:120+50+70+70=310

Now we need to give time in each day for each subjects according to number of topics it contains.

It’s quite simple process:

  1. Quantum mechanics – 120/310 ×20=7.7days
  2. Mathematical physics – 50/310×20=3.2days
  3. Computational physics – 70/310×20=4.5 days
  4. Statistical mechanics – 70/310×20=4.5 days

In this way you divide your twenty days

3.Make a time table

Next you need to do is very important step .You should find the best time in your days to learn with concentration.

I will give you an example:

  • 11 am – 1 pm
  • 1.30 pm -4.30 pm
  • 5pm-6pm
  • 7pm-9pm
  • 9.30pm-11.30pm
  • 5am-6am

As we have only 20 days to complete use your maximum time to study.

During your break time you should do some simple and soothing work like listening to music,go for a walk ,talk to favourite person etc

If you feel bored you should listen to any motivational speaker in your mothertoung.

4.Take all weakness as a reward

The problem comeacross in all learner will be the pulling of your mind to your weakness.

A simple and effective solution is take your weaknesses as reward you get when complete your studies according to the timetable you prepared. And you can also think that after completion of these 20 days you can be more strong and you need is only revise the topics.

Revision takes less time.But make sure it is done.

Okey, then, my readers! keep on hardworking till you achieve your goal,till the world wait for your time.💐

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